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Bedding Industry Resources

  • Learn all about the history of beds through this informational web site.
  • Read a brief history on the creation of the ever so popular invention: the bed.
  • Read unsatisfied consumer reports on adjustable beds and find out why the customer is unhappy.
  • Learn how people with back problems can benefit from sleeping on adjustable beds.
  • Learn about beds throughout history and how they have progressed from days of yore.
  • Get information on the bed - including facts and history of the bed.
  • Read about mattresses and how they contribute to many crib deaths around the world.
  • "Don't let the bed bugs bite" isn't just a saying, learn about the bugs that may live in your mattress.
  • Read information on choosing the right bed to promote a better night's sleep and offer you the support you need.
  • Learn about bed safety and the flammability levels of mattresses that are on the market.
  • Advice: Welcome Home Banners - Furniture Hardware - Bed Wetting Help - Water Beds - Kids Bedding

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