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Vineyard Jacquard (King/Queen)

Price: $190.00 - $225.00


Soprano Duvet Cover (King/Queen/Full)

Price: $290.00 - $340.00


Aria Duvet Cover (King/Queen/Full)

Price: $506.00 - $563.00


Himalaya Red Duvet Cover (King/Queen/Full)

Price: $485.00 - $515.00


Frette Hotel Collection Duvet Cover (King/Queen)

Price: $360.00 - $400.00


Shabby Chic Duvet Cover (King/Queen/Full/Twin)

Price: $360.00 - $400.00


Swell Happiness Duvet Cover (Queen/Full/Twin)

Price: $69.99 - $89.99


Duvet Covers

Duvet covers are essentially covers for comforters. These covers are perfect because they allow us to transform an ordinary, plain duvet or comforter into an eye-catching design. Redecorating is pricey and takes a lot of time. Sometimes, we seek simpler techniques that are quick and easy. Duvet covers can be placed over a duvet in minutes. Those who own a plain white comforter may benefit from having several duvet covers of varying colors and designs. These covers perfectly suit our modern, classic, playful, and sophisticated sides.

Duvet covers are available from several retail stores. Prior to purchasing a cover, buyers should have a color in mind. Those who desire a simple change should select a cover that matches their bedroom's current décor. This alleviates the need to repaint walls or change accessories. Buyers should also shop around. The price of duvet covers varies. Of course, higher quality covers will carry a higher price tag. However, those who want a simple cover should browse the bedding section of retail stores. Major department stores and fine linen stores are ideal for those in search of a designer or luxury duvet cover.

Individuals who have a knack for sewing may consider making their own duvet cover. The only expense incurred by this is the cost of fabric, which tends to be inexpensive. Sewing your own duvet cover saves money, and offers decorators to build a wide collection of covers. Ordinarily, these covers are made from cotton or flannel materials. Prior to selecting the fabric, the duvet must be measured. Add an extra 1 ½ to allow room for shrinkage. Choose washable material. Lightweight fabrics are ideal because they feel soft against the skin. Additionally, lightweight covers are easier to place over the duvet. Home décor books and magazine articles focusing on home décor will assist decorators by providing step-by-step instructions on how to sew a duvet cover.


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