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Baby Cribs

Planning for a new baby is an exciting times for parents. However, it may also be a scary time for new parents. Babies are a huge responsibility, and it is the parent's jobs to protect them. Many essentials contribute to baby safety. Among these include car seats, and booster seats. When parents purchase their baby's crib, they should ensure that the crib is not only comfortable for their baby, but also safe. New baby cribs designed with safety features will include the proper placing of vertical bars. However, older cribs or hand-me-downs may lack this important feature. Here are a few tips to help parents provide a safe sleeping environment.

If parents are forgoing purchasing a new baby crib because they want their baby to use a family crib, it is important to measure the crib bars. According to safety standards, bars should be positioned no more than 2 3/8 inches. Crib bars with a wider space place a baby at great risk. As the baby begins to move around he or she may stick their little head between the bars and become stuck. Newer baby cribs offer great features including cribs that sit lower to floor. This reduces the risk of serious injury in the event that a toddler climbs out of the crib.

Another crib safety tip includes having a bumper along the sides of the baby crib. Bumpers are soft pads placed alongside the crib. These have several benefits. One, they prevent the baby from getting his or her head stuck. Second, they provide a cushion if the baby were to roll near the bar. Proper placement of baby cribs is another important safety feature. Never place a baby crib near a window. In addition, parents should avoid hanging shelves, mirrors, or any other heavy object over the baby's crib. Pulling is a natural inclination for babies and toddlers. Thus, babies with the ability to stand inside their cribs should be away from items such as lamps or curtains.

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