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Bed Frames

When selecting a bed frame, it is understandable to want a frame that is sturdy and resilient. Sadly, some make the mistake of purchasing a cheap bed frame in order to save money. Granted, some bed frames are too expensive. Despite this, buyer should fight the urge to choose a frame that will require replacing in a few years. Quality bed frames are intended to last for many years. Children enjoy jumping up and down on their beds and engaging in rough play with friends. Bed frames that are not sturdy may collapse under pressure and result in serious injury.

Over time, some may notice their mattress beginning to sink. In this situation, the bed frame will likely need reinforcing. Bed frames either have leg at all four corners, or sit on a platform. The rectangular frame is mounted to the legs, and the bed mattress fits perfectly within the frame, and rest on slats. Slats support the mattress and keep it from falling to the floor.

Today, most bed frames include at least two slats positioned across the width of the bed frame. However, older beds may only have one slat. When a bed has one or two slats, the mattress may begin to sink. In order to make the mattress sturdy again, an additional slat needs to be attached to the bed frame. Handy individuals can make an extra slat by simply measuring the width of the bed frame, and selecting a piece of plywood that matches this measurement. The wood should be securely mounted across the width of the frame.

Several bed frames are available to suit all preferences. Some prefer wood bed frames, whereas others may enjoy the classic look of iron bed frames. When purchasing a new bed frame, buyers should thoroughly examine the frame for durability, number of slats, and quality.

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