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Bunk Bed Safety

Bunk beds are extremely convenient for families with multiple children. When children are required to share a bedroom, bunk beds offer more room. This is necessary in cramped spaces. Over the years, the designs or styles of bunk beds have changed. Older bunk bed designs were predominately wood, and geared toward little boys. Canopy beds are popular among little girls. However, in order to save space, some little girls must share a bunk bed with their sister. Although bunk beds are convenient, they do pose certain safety risk. Each year, hundreds of children suffer bunk bed related injuries. However, there are tips that parents and children can follow to ensure safety.

Many parents make the mistake of allowing their young children to sleep on the top bunk. Children under the age of six should not be allowed to sleep on the top bunk. Most bunk beds have a slender bar across the top bunk. This bar is a safety feature that is intended to keep children from falling off the top bunk. However, this bar may not be large enough to secure children under 6-years-old. Thus, toddlers and smaller children may fall. For added safety, parents may replace safety bars with bigger guardrails.

To ensure bunk bed safety, parents should also discourage horseplay or rough playing. Although bunk beds are sturdy and able to support the weight of many children, parents should explain to their children that only one person is allowed on the top bunk. This precautionary measure lowers the risk of accidents. Additionally, parents may ensure bunk bed safety by encouraging children to always use ladders when climbing to and from the top bunk. Children have a tendency to enter bunk beds by climbing over guardrails, or jumping from the top bunk. Jumping from the top bank may result in injuries such as a strain or broken ankle.

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