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Dorm Bedding

Entering college presents a range of mixed emotions. Freshmen are generally excited about beginning their adult life. On the other hand, uncertainty and fear of independence may overshadow this joyous time. An aspect of college life involves moving into the dorm. For many, this is their first leap of independence from their parents. College students who want to reflect maturity and sophistication may do so by selecting dorm bedding that is modern, or has an adult appeal.

College students generally select their dorm bedding prior to leaving home. However, some simply bring along their existing sheets and comforter. There is a variety of dorm bedding to choose. Bedding is available to suit every style and preference. Those who are unique and eccentric may prefer a funky or hip design. This sort of dorm bedding is well suited for teenagers who lived in homes where crazy, outlandish décor was not allowed.

Because college dorm beds are twin sized, many college students buy their bedding ensemble before viewing their room. However, it is wise for students living in the dorm to hold off from selecting a sheet and comforter set until they arrive on campus. In most cases, twin size beds are approximately 75 inches long. However, college dorm beds are known to be slightly longer generally about 80 inches. Those who select dorm bedding in advance may choose small bedding sheets that will not fit the bed.

Some dorm beds require extra long twin sheets. These include one fitted sheet and one top sheet. Extra long twin sheets are available in a variety of colors and style. Thus, college students sleeping on a slightly longer mattress are not limited in their choice of sheets. Although college dorm beds tend to be longer, an extra long twin comforter is not necessary. A regular twin sized comforter will fit perfectly on longer twin sized beds.

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