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Down Comforters

Down comforters are popular because they are proven to provide more warmth than any other comforter that is sold today. Down is thick fur that grows on geese and ducks. This fur is extremely insulating, and has the ability to keep these birds warm during the coldest of weather. Those who live in regions that experience severe cold may benefit from down comforters. These comforters include the same down used to protect birds. Despite its thickness, down is surprisingly lightweight; and will not result in overheating.

There is a variety of down comforters. These comforters include either duck down or geese down. Although both comforters provide the same warmth, noticeable differences do exist. For example, most duck down comforters also include features. This is because duck down is thinner, and not as fluffy as goose down. The downside to using feathers is that some asthma and allergy sufferers may have a reaction. Additionally, duck down comforters may develop a distasteful smell over time. Goose down is thicker and fluffier, thus the majority of these comforters do not use feathers. Geese down comforters are also available with hypoallergenic materials, which make them safe for all. Another alternative is selecting a down comforter with synthetic fibers.

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Individuals who prefer a quality or luxurious down comforter should choose a goose down comforter. Comforters include down from many species of ducks and geese. Those who want the best may select a comforter that includes down from a Siberian goose. Eiderdowns are the best in terms of warmth. This is because the Eider duck lives in extremely cold climates. Asthma and allergy sufferers will benefit from comforters with down from Hungarian geese. Goose and duck down comforters are available at several retailers. For the best in quality, buyers should browse the bedding section of fine department stores and retailers.


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