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Memory Foam Pillow

Individuals who desire a good night's sleep may benefit from a memory foam pillow. Sleep is vital for energy and alertness. Sadly, millions of people have difficult falling asleep or do not sleep throughout the night. Restful sleep is attributed to our mattress and pillow. We all have different sleeping preferences. Those who like an ultra-soft pillow will enjoy a memory foam pillow. These pillows contour to the body and offer the best head, neck, and shoulder support. Memory foam pillows have the highest quality and include hypoallergenic materials.

Memory foam was developed by NASA in the 1970's. However, it was not until the mid 1990 that this material was used for bedding. Memory foam mattresses and toppers gained widespread attention because they provided the best comfort level of any sleeping mattress. As the mattress contours to the body, it promotes relaxation, which leads to restful sleep. As the popularity of memory foam increased, manufacturers began marketing memory foam pillows. These pillows are beneficial for many reasons. Aside from promoting peaceful sleep, memory foam pillows serve a therapeutic purpose. The toppers eliminate pressure points; however, both toppers and pillows offer amazing support and ease sore muscles. Memory foam pillows give a feeling of melting into the pillow. Those who prefer a firmer mattress and pillow may not benefit from a memory foam pillow because of its ultra-softness.

Memory foam pillows are highly durable. Proper care is essential to their resiliency. When caring for these pillows, owners should read the manufacturers label. Not all memory foam pillows are the same. Some are safe to wash in washing machines, whereas others require professional cleaning. Although some memory foam pillows are safe to wash, they are not to be dried in a home dryer. After washing, remove the pillow from the machine and allow it to dry flat.

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