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Quilt making is a timeless tradition in many families. The thought of making quilts often bring to mind a group of older women stitching designs. However, people of all ages enjoy making quilts. Moreover, many people enjoy owning a quilt. Quilts that are passed down from generation to generation are cherished family heirlooms. The style of quilts varies. Some perfectly reflect American country décor, whereas others have a more modern appeal. Regardless of their style, quilts are classic and last a long time. To ensure their resiliency, quilts must be properly cared for.

Quilts are the perfect bedcovering during the winter months. The heavy material provides warmth that surpasses other comforters. As winter ends, quilts are generally packed away until the following winter year. Prior to storing quilts, it is important to have them cleaned. In addition, new quilts that are purchased should be cleaned prior to placing on the bed. If the quilt is store bought, it will include a manufacturer label that offers cleaning instructions. Most quilts are able to be cleaned in a home washing machine. However, dryer use is not recommended. Spreading out a quilt and allowing it to dry is a better choice. Some quilts may require professional cleaning.

It is recommended that family-made quilts are professionally cleaned, especially if the quilt is older. Washing machines may damage these quilts. Individuals who specialize in antiques may offer advice on the best method for cleaning a particular quilt. Additionally, some regions may have a cleaning service that is dedicated to professionally caring for quilts. Once the quilt is clean, it should be regularly maintained with dusting. Hanging the quilt outdoors for a few hours is recommended for removing stale odors. When storing a quilt for a long period, it should be rolled. Rolling not only eliminates creases, it is also much easier than folding.

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