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Silk Sheets

Silk sheets are ideal for those who prefer the highest level of sleeping comfort. Many people try and make their sleeping experience an enjoyable one. This is understandable considering that the majority of us have busy lives, and receive little rest. Silk sheets provide the best in comfort. The softness, smoothness, and coolness of the material will lull us to sleep. Aside from comfort, silk sheets and comforters have a classic look and add a touch of elegance to our bedrooms. The lustrous, velvety material is perfect for adults and children. In fact, many parents place silk bedding in their baby's crib. The softness calms babies, and make them feel as if they were sleeping in the clouds.

There are several benefits to silk sheets. Because silk is a quality material, silk sheets are priced considerably higher than some cotton or linen sheets. However, the comfort is worth the price. Some who suffer from insomnia or who have difficulty falling asleep have discovered that silk sheets promote better rest. The material contours to the body, thus sleepers can move freely throughout the night without becoming tangled in the sheets. In addition, silk provides the right level of coolness and warmth for uninterrupted, restless sleep.

Allergy and asthma sufferers may perceive that the material of certain bedding causes flare-ups. Silk is natural, and hypoallergenic. Some comforters include feathers that result in allergic reactions such as skin rashes. However, silk can safely wrap around the body without causing irritation. Although silk sheets offer the best in comfort, those seeking a silk sheet set should choose a set with a high thread count. This guarantees the finest comfort level possible. Silk is machine washable, and surprisingly become softer over time. This strong, durable fiber is resilient. For best results, silk sheets should be washed in the gentle cycle and tumble dried under low heat. It is recommended that silk comforters are dried cleaned.

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