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Throw Pillows

Sewing a throw pillow cover is easy, and can be completed in less than one hour. Throw pillows are the perfect home accent. They add style to boring couches, and are perfect bedroom décor. The best feature about throw pillows is the price. Most pillows are very inexpensive. However, designer or luxury throw pillows may carry a higher price tag. Those who want to change the look of their pillows without purchasing new ones may opt for throw pillow covers. These covers are quick, easy, and convenient. When changing bedding, throw pillow covers come in handy because they allow pillows to match new comforter and sheet sets.

Throw pillow covers are available from retail stores. However, those who want to save money may sew their own pillows. The necessary materials for sewing a throw pillow cover include a sewing machine, needle, zipper, thread, fabric, and pillow measurements. The first step is measuring the throw pillow. Add about an inch to the measurement to allow room for shrinkage. Once the measurements are recorder, choose a suitable fabric. Cut two squares out of the fabric. One square is for the front of the pillow, and the other square is for the back. A matching zipper that is the exact length of the throw pillow is needed.

The next step is lining up the two pieces of fabric at the edges. Place the fabric on the sewing machine and begin to sew the edges together. Sew only three of the edges together, turning at the corners. Once the edges are together, take the zipper and sew it to the remaining side. Prior to covering a throw pillow, the fabric may require ironing to remove wrinkles. Brushing the cover with a lint brush is also recommended. The last step is inserting the throw pillow and zipping the cover.

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